Hotpot Chicken meat

Hotpot Chicken meat


  • “ 3 Mien” egg Noodles
  • Chicken breast fillets 500g
  • Chicken breastbone 500g
  • Mushroom of various kinds 600g
  • Green mustard sprouts 100g
  • Garlic, green onion roots, 1 chilli
  • Onion, 1 clove of ginger
  • Edible oil, fish sauce, shrimp satay
  • Salt, pepper
  • "3 Miền"Seasoning


  • Clean chicken breast fillets, marinate with pepper, seasoning; stir-fry garlic, minced onion to sweet smell; mix well with chicken meat, leave it for 15 mins for spices penetrating meat, serve into a dish.
  • Clean chicken breastbones, heat with 3 litres of water for 30 mins, filter to take the broth, flavour to taste and use as hotpot liquor.
  • Cut off mushroom roots, clean and cut King Oyster mushroom into diagonal slices.  Cut green onion into 5cm long sections.  Julienne ginger.
  • Drop “3 Mien” egg Noodles into a pot filled with boiled water, add some salt, boil it to a turn.  Wash through with cooled water, mix with some cooking oil to keep noodles unstuck.
  • Pour bouillon into the hotpot; add ginger, green onion roots, and heat the mixture; arrange mushrooms, green mustard sprouts around hotpot rim.
  • Add chicken meat, egg noodles, mushrooms, green mustard sprouts just as enjoying.
  • Enjoy with egg noodles and chilli fish sauce.

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